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Release Party! Saturday June 22nd 2013!

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Release Party! Saturday June 22nd 2013!


Moderates, we need you… and you need us!

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“Moderate leftists will have to hear the call of the radicals, who will preach for the safety of everyone’s liberty, including theirs.”

To force any large-scale change generally there must be a unification of two or more voices from distinct groups coming together.  For example, in Burma there was no real shift in political reform until the monks joined the democrats, or, somewhat more recently in 2011 in Egypt, the overthrowing of Mubarak was only successful because during protests the military did not take action against the people, but facilitated them; unlike in countries where the revolts were much more blood drenched, such as in Jordan and in Syria as civil war continues. During the Russian revolution, the same thing, many soldiers turned their back on the Tsar…

The happenings in North America may indeed take a revolution of sorts to sort out. However, it is indeed ideas more so than leaders that need to be overthrown. What exactly would happen if Obama were to be exiled as Mubarak was? The capitalist class of North America would live on and although they do not represent a very large percentage of North Americans, there are enough of them that attacking any single person will not necessarily fix the problems, although it would help (due to the setting of a precedent).

So, what does this mean? That to destroy the current structure will need a constant pushing of newly formed thoughts, small-to-massive acts of defiance and most importantly groups with intersecting characteristics will have to unite in their similarities. As Žižek says, “if the moderate liberal forces continue to ignore the radical left they will generate an insurmountable fundamentalist tidal wave. For the key liberal legacy to survive, liberals need the fraternal help of the radical left”. As the right unites, preaching deregulation, law and order and individual responsibility: the class gap and country-to-country exploitation will continue to grow while the middle class will continue to be made up of fewer people. To truly make change against the grain that the right wing is creating, moderate leftists will have to hear the call of the radicals, who will preach for the safety of everyone’s liberty, including theirs.

More importantly still is the fact that the word ‘radical’ itself is suffering a sickness; let us attempt to mend it here. The word radical derives from an old Latin word, ‘radix’. Radix is defined as roots (regarding the origins of ______). Radicals want to solve problems from the roots. Radicals themselves often fit into an extreme category, only because changing things at the most original level is often far removed from the surface problem, thus they are trying to change things from far away. To be radical should not carry any negative connotations. As an example, Rosa Parks was considered a radical because she sensed that keeping her seat on the bus when nobody else of her demographic (black, woman) was, could bend the roots of the problem; causing the severely oppressive social order of her time to collapse on its own foundation. It is widely accepted now that what Parks did was not only just, but helped spur a very positive movement in America.

So, for the progressive left to be triumphant both the moderates and the radicals will have to be brothers-in-arms marching forward!

Who Am I?

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Coming Soon…

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Coming Soon...

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