The Idea and Origins of Fluidity

The idea of Fluidity stems from the thought that everything is constantly changing. A famous Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once proclaimed “you cannot step twice into the same river” and how true that it is! Things are adapting, flowing, progressing, regressing and rolling along all around us. Where does the exchange of capital stand in all this? It is but a dam blocking the true smoothness and creativity within us! Right now, there is a growing system, called “capitalism”, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming more vulnerable as each day passes.

If we continue to be slaves to money, there is an illusion that we are safe; but this idea is based on false premises. When we believe in dollars, our desires become those of the economy, those of advertisements and popular culture. We spend our time either trying to get money or deciding how to best spend it. We begin to value our family members based on whether they contribute monetarily or not; and we even start to value ourselves on our financial worth!

The value we place on money cannot be removed without being replaced with something that is more beneficial to humans. Make no mistake; it is radical to believe that greed can be turned into generosity. It is radical to believe that a society filled with self-interest can be turned into a compassionate one. It is even radical to imagine doing your job purely for the satisfaction of working on something that you believe is meaningful, and necessary for humanity’s well being! Through our publication we aim to create a space for these dreams to be sketched. For all change starts as ideas, and ideas start in the mind. The capitalists are exploiting nature, human labour, animals and infesting our minds, all with the aim of raising their bottom line. It is of Fluidity’s belief that change to such a system is near with a union of people who believe that the dollar sign is not the highest meaning in life, nor is it the healthiest for this planet we live on. We aim to collaborate with individuals in discussing life’s beauty contrasted with our societal systems. We aim to discuss the effects of buying into a capitalist system. We aim to discuss alternative systems and the breaking down of systems. This is Fluidity.



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